Tuesday, April 22, 2014

pizza grilled cheese (or Jessica's first real recipe since "the macaroni bonfire incident")

Hi guys! It's Jessica! I know, I know, I haven't posted any real "recipes" in a long time. Actually since this happened:

My crazy stove fire (also known as the epic macaroni bonfire of 2014), though hilarious, kind of took my cooking mojo for a while. That was in January, and I am still not over that fire! I've posted recipes for foods cooked in the stove since then, but not on top of it. I've left that to Hilary, who is a much more accomplished cook the I. But today I'm back, proving that I can, in fact, cook foods on my stove and not set them on fire. HA! Take that doubters! (Then I spent the whole time I was writing this thinking about that fire. I can't help it! It will haunt me forever, lol.) But I digress...

So does anyone else have kids who love grilled cheese? Yeah I thought so. What about pizza? (side note, my friend's super cute five year old son doesn't like pizza...it blew my mind! )

This recipe is the perfect thing to whip together on a lazy night that will make kids super happy. Unless you're my friend's son. So I should say it will make most kids super happy, and takes almost no time to make.

pizza grilled cheese recipe

The original idea for these fun grilled cheese sandwiches came from my awesome friend Suzzy, who is literally SuperMom (you can see her in all her gorgeousness here, modeling a diy dress with me). She made these grilled cheese sandwiches for my daughter during a play date, and two years later my little girl still begs for them! The only thing I changed was that I used pita bread, and she used regular bread to make hers. Regular bread works great too!

These can be customized to fit any kid's tastes, but mine are generally strict cheese-and-pepperoni eaters when it comes to pizza.

pizza grilled cheese recipe

1. Start with pita bread! This was perfect, I could actually have made little pizzas with these, but then they wouldn't have been grilled cheese!
2. Add toppings of your choice.
3. Melt butter in your pan.
4. Place your pizza in the pan, then top with another piece of pita bread.

pizza grilled cheese recipe

5. Spray the top liberally with cooking spray.
6. Flip, then cover your grilled cheese while it cooks. This'll help the cheese get really, really melted all the way through.
7. When the bottom of your second side is golden brown, you're done! Take it off the stove.
8. Your cheese should be oozing and melty all the way through.

I serve ours with a side of marinara sauce for dipping, and a salad so that I can pretend I'm serving my kids a vegetable. Mostly they pick out the mushrooms and eat those, though. And technically mushrooms are a fungus, not a vegetable, but I digress...

pizza grilled cheese recipe

I hope you love this recipe as much as we do! My two kids always inhale these like they haven't eaten in days. And if I'm honest, I do too! It's a win-win situation. Oh yeah, and nothing was burned in the making or photographing of this recipe!


Monday, April 21, 2014

And the winner is...

Late last week I had a minor freak out and couldn't choose and Easter dress...so I asked for your help! I got such an awesome response, thank you guys so much!

The clear winner (with 15 votes!) was #4, my vintage 1960's dress:

It was a good choice, too, because the runner up (the pink dress) was gorgeous, but I realized you could see straight down the top! Fine for a date night, but for church, not so much!

I also got the advice from several people to choose different shoes to go with this dress, which I also did. No gold shoes with this dress (apparently they made my feet look huge)! I substituted my (thrifted) black and white Kate Spade shoes for the gold ones in the original outfit.

I also wore some ombre drop earrings that I made for myself, and my black B. Makowsky bag. Pretty simple really! I wanted the dress to stand out the most, and with the giant bow on the side I didn't want to add too many accessories or it would look busy.

And if I'm going to be honest you guys, this was actually my favorite dress!

But you all were right, it wasn't very "Easter-y" and so I'm wearing it next week to church instead (real life friends, act surprised!) Thanks again for the help, everyone! I can't tell you how much fun I have asking for help from all my friends, be they real life, bloggy buddies or our lovely readers! You all have such awesome taste.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Help! I need to choose an Easter dress and I'm stuck.

Easter. Easter means Easter egg hunts, kids in their best clothes (covered with chocolate), and giant family dinners. It also means dressing up, especially if you go to church like I do.

Easter means a rare opportunity in my life to really, really dress up. Because most days I look like this (ie very very casual). And I love dressing up. But the problem is that whenever I have to choose a "fancy" dress I completely freeze. This exact thing happened when I went to my friend's wedding last summer. I like to get advice in these situations, last time my friend/personal stylist Scott helped out (it was his wedding after all!), but this time I thought I'd ask for help from the general public. Because the general public also has had some fantastic advice so far!

So here you go. HELP! Bonus: I get to finally show you all my new haircut!

**Thanks everyone for all your help! Come see which dress I chose here!**

Choice #1: In which I wear pink
I almost never wear pink. But this dress makes me look tan.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paleo Apple Pie Smoothie

In our house (Hilary), we eat a lot of apples.  I'm not the biggest fan, but my husband is from Washington and looooves apples.  We're in the middle of a Paleo cleanse right now, so we're eating Paleo and as little sugar as possible.

Which means I miss sweets.  A lot.  I've seen a lot of "dessert" smoothies (like Key Lime Pie) around Pinterest, so I thought since we had apples, I'd throw together an "apple pie" smoothie.  The results?  Fantastic.  So I thought I'd share it with you guys!  Paleo or not, everybody loves a good smoothie.  Am I right?

Monday, April 14, 2014

boyfriend jeans: five ways

how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans

 So I (Jessica) love the boyfriend jeans trend. I love the juxtaposition of super casual destroyed jeans and cute tops. But the problem is that I was under the impression that they only look good on ladies like these:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

kimono cardigan tutorial

kimono cardigan sewing tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was in a (Very Expensive) mall store window shopping. I found a rack of these light, breezy kimono style "cardigans" which are trendy for spring, and absolutely loved them. They had a million different floral pastel patterns (which aren't really my style), and they looked pretty easy to make, but even so I was tempted to buy one. 

Until I looked at the price tag.

On sale, said Very Expensive Store wanted over $50 for a wisp of fabric and some thread! 

Oh no. Just no. I'm too cheap for that.

So I promptly took myself to the fabric store and made my own for about $6, because that's what I do.

**Side note: These are still pre-haircut pictures! I really need to get on that...if you follow us on Facebook you saw when I posted the preview for this cardigan last week, before my haircut.**

kimono cardigan sewing tutorial

I love how it turned out! Perfect for adding a little bit of interest to an otherwise boring summer outfit, and I was able to choose a non-floral fabric in non-pastel colors, which will compliment much more of my wardrobe. Plus, it's fun! Though it was kind of hard to take pictures of because this kept happening:

kimono cardigan sewing tutorial
Today I'm going to share with you how I made it, so you can make your own!

kimono cardigan sewing tutorial

Keep reading to see how I did it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shortie Nightgown Pattern Tour

Hi guys! Today we're bringing you something special:

Image Map

We love sewing here at Domestic Bliss Squared.  Often we sew for ourselves, but we love the challenge and fun of sewing clothes for our kids too!  As adults, we find more "serious" prints and patterns, but sometimes you just want to sew something with glitter fabric or hot pink puppies on it.

So when Chelsea from GYCT Designs asked if we wanted to test her new nightgown pattern, of course we said, "yes!"  I (Hilary) decided to try it out since I'm not as skilled of a seamstress as Jessica.  She can make magic out of anything she sews, whereas my skills are more limited.  I figured if I could make a good nightgown from the pattern, that's a good sign that anyone could sew it.

I chose a super light flannel material with shoes all over it (my daughter loved it the moment she saw it).  The pattern comes with several variations (sleeveless or sleeves, short nightgown top or full-length gown), and since flannel can be warmer (which is fine since we keep our house cool in the summer), I chose to do the sleeveless version to balance it out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Refashioned pink dress. Because it's spring, baby!

Today I'm showing you guys my latest sewing project. And side note, these pictures were taken pre-haircut! I (Jessica) actually just took seven (!!!) inches off my hair today! Anyways, back to the dress:

refashioned pink gap dress

This dress is (yet another) refashion of a 90's era thrift store find. Are you shocked? Who am I kidding, no one is shocked.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

make your own healthier, cheaper "drinkable yogurt"

So probably like many of you, my (Jessica's) kids are obsessed with that "drinkable yogurt" that comes in a little bottle. I allow this for two reasons 1. They don't drink milk, ever. Niether of them like it. Crazy kids! And 2. I thought it was good for them! Crazy me.

And then I turned one of those tiny bottles around and looked at the nutrition information. Turns out, that "drinkable yogurt" has as much as 35 grams of sugar per tiny bottle. That's just shy of 8 teaspoons of sugar. Per bottle. And they're expensive on top of that! I knew I could make my own healthier, cheaper version. And check it out, I did:

This is going to be one of those posts that has you smacking your head thinking "why didn't I do this sooner?"

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fringe earrings tutorial

So it's been a while since we shared our last jewelry tutorial. With winter comes turtlenecks and chunky scarves and hats...and not a lot of jewelry showing under all those layers. Now that it's spring (and I don't have to see another scarf until October!) it seemed like an appropriate time to start making some cute jewelry again!

I (Jessica) have had the idea for these earrings in my head since last fall. And with all things fringed being a huge trend for spring/summer 2014, this seemed like the perfect time to make these.

I give you...the fringe earrings!

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