Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spray Bleached Shirt DIY

spray bleach shirt DIY

I've been wanting to try bleach dyed shirts for a while. I love the funky, unique look. I love how each piece comes out patterned differently. And most of all I love that it looks so easy! I've been lusting over several different pins and I decided to try this myself!

I had two tops I attempted to spray bleach dye, an old black shirt with a hole in it, and a cardigan that already had a bleach spot.

spray bleach shirt DIY

I diluted my bleach with about 50% water and started spraying randomly. After about five minutes they looked like this:

spray bleach shirt DIY

I tossed them in the wash and they look awesome! Here is how the black shirt turned out:

spray bleach shirt DIY

This was the easiest and coolest t-shirt refashion ever, I am already going through my closets trying to find more stuff to bleach! Just be careful, if you let the bleach sit for too long on your clothes you could burn holes in them.


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