Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday morning update and a sneak peek!

Wheeee! SO happy to be together!

This morning Hilary and I are finally able to enjoy our first cup of coffee together (in person, NOT on the phone!) at my house. I am working really hard at unpacking my boxes and furniture, but we still found time to go shopping in Boise on Saturday!

We hunted high and low for a ceramic pen to correct my *ahem* sharpie mug fail for her birthday. We finally found one at Hobby Lobby! God bless Hobby Lobby, they have crazy stuff that literally no other craft store has, apparently. We looked at three other stores before we found this baby:

who knew this would be so hard to find?

Yuck! Please excuse the bad cell phone picture. 

This week we will be back up and blogging more regularly I promise! We even have a giveaway planned for the near future, which I'm really excited about!  I will leave you all with a sneak peek at just one of the projects we have planned for this week...

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