Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrift Store Finds!

What with moving out of state looming, I really don't need to be doing any shopping! But the lure of a good thrift is sometimes just too much to resist, and it's escapism at it's best when I'm stressed. So, last night I went out with the Girl to our favorite Goodwill and we found just a couple of treasures:

Score! I've been looking for a pair of basic red flats literally forever! These are adorable and comfy all at once, and the best part? They were only $2.99! Can't beat that! I'm going to need more warm weather footwear soon too, because spring comes to Boise a lot earlier then it does in Spokane.

The other thing we found was a vintage Polly pocket case. No Pollies were included but no matter, my Girl has a drawer full of vintage Polly Pockets and has enough Pollies to play with this one. I think this thing is almost as old as I am...

Look at that '90's awesomeness. This makes me want to rock a scrunchie again.

That brings back so many memories of my own childhood! I was so obsessed with these Polly Pocket sets. My girl loves these things almost as much as the modern version. She (ok, and maybe me too) was so excited to add this play set to her collection, and for a whopping $.99 I didn't mind buying it for her.

Not too much bought today, but overall not too shabby for $4! Thrift stores are the best, you can find so much stuff for under the cost of a latte. I can't wait until Hil and I can go thrifting together!

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