Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thrifty Tip Tuesday: DIY Children's Sensory Board

diy children's sensory board

This winter has been an especially cold one this year in Idaho.  We've spent TONS of time, sitting inside and me drinking way too much coffee.  I (Hilary) grew up in California, so this snow stuff drives me nuts!

I've really had to stretch my brain to figure out good indoor activities (hello, four hundredth game of Candyland) and interesting toys to keep my kids occupied.

A few years ago, my husband made my daughter a DIY sensory board out of things we had around the house.  It was a great idea and she loved it.  We then packed it away since she had outgrown it.  Oh a whim a few weeks ago, we pulled it out for my son and it was a HUGE hit.  Then when Jessica moved here and brought the Dude over to play, both boys loved it.

So here's a quick "tutorial" to make your own DIY sensory board for your little ones!

Paint a board any color.  We had an old board in the garage (pine) and some old yellow paint.  My husband sanded the edges, then painted the board yellow.

diy children's sensory board

Then my husband searched the house for random materials for the board.  You can use any materials you want, but I labeled the ones my husband used so you can have a starting point.

He stapled them on, and ta-da!  A sensory board.  So quick and easy and because he used things we had, it was free!  We've debated hanging it on a wall (which you definitely could), but we like that we can bring it out to the living room or hide it away.

diy children's sensory board
It was a huge hit with the boys!

What creative activities are you doing to keep your kids happy this winter?

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  1. As an older male, I have always noticed my lack of color name discrimination, I can see it somewhat but cannot NAME many colors other than the primary crayon colors (kindergarten). Why not give all of your kids a headstart with a color board although I don't know how to build one ( ask your husbands if they are fully color functional.)


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