Friday, January 4, 2013

What We're Loving!

Now that the Christmas whirlwind has died down, here are the things we're loving going into the new year! Here is what we're starting out 2013 obsessing over:

1. (Tasteful) Off the Shoulder shirts:
 Admittedly I am a mom of 2, so this needs to be done super carefully in order not to have wardrobe malfunctions, especially when my wiggly baby boy wants to be held. But I love this slouchy comfy look and have been wearing it everywhere!

2. Doctor Who:
My hubby and I waited for what seemed like years for the Christmas episode with the new companion...we're giant nerds! I can't believe we're going to have to wait until April to see the new episodes! This was what I crocheted for my son for Christmas:

In case you don't recognize him, that's David Tennant as the 10th Doctor Who. Oh yeah, and my son's toy T.A.R.D.I.S. that hangs out in his bedroom.

1. I am trying to lose weight and recently found an article on, a free site with food trackers, fitness trackers and forums and support.  I signed up a few days ago and am really impressed with the site!  Here's to losing the last 10 pounds of baby weight!

2. I also recently cut my hair short (cut off at least three or four inches) and I've been trying to find a good product to protect it from all of the straightening, blow drying and curling I'm doing to it!  I also recently highlighted it, so I needed something that can smooth without weighing it down.  I've been using Super Skinny Balm Unisex Balm by Paul Mitchell, 6.8 Ounce and loving how it makes my hair feel.  It smooths it without making it greasy (which almost always happens with hair products and my hair)!  Just put a little bit into damp hair, then style as usual.

3. Last, I am totally obsessed with One Good Thing by Jillee, an AWESOME site with tons of homemade, easy and chemical-free cleaning types like the Make Your Own Homemade Deodorizing Disks and How to Clean Your Humidifier.  She also has a bunch of recipes (including gluten-free) and craft ideas.  You should check her out and if you want, you can always say Domestic Bliss Squared sent you... :)

So what about you all out there?  What products or things are you loving right now?

Disclaimer: These are not sponsors of our site; we just want to share the things we are using and loving right now!  The link for some products goes to as part of the Amazon Associates program, which gives us a little kickback if you buy anything!

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