Thursday, February 7, 2013

I've Been Working On...More Necklaces!

I already showed you my first few attempts at making necklaces here, but I thought I'd just take a few pictures of my latest creations! I'm loving this craft so much, I'm obsessed with jewelry and making jewelry is so satisfying. I've actually reached a point where I have waaaaaaaay too many necklaces of my own!

My favorite semi-precious stone is coral...I just love the color and natural texture. The bottom necklace has one single real turquoise bead just for a pop of color. I was inspired by some of the gorgeous earrings Hilary made to combine these two colors and I think it is so pretty.

red coral necklace

Both of these bad boys are actually be for sale in our Etsy store here and here. As much as I love them (especially the top one) I just can't justify keeping them! I could already wear a different necklace every day for a month and still have some I haven't worn. It's a problem.

One can only have so much jewelry before it becomes excessive.

red coral necklace

And these weren't even made with any of my giant bead haul from Michael's last weekend! I can't wait to finish unpacking my craft supplies and get back into the groove of making things again.


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