Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: DIY Jewelry Cleaner

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

I have seen tons of different jewelry cleaners online.  Some look easy and use things like dish soap and baking soda (easy, safe, clean) and others use things like ammonia (which probably is great, but totally freaks me out psychologically!).  For years I used my toothbrush to clean my ring, but it definitely strips the pretty white gold plating off of my ring, so I'm intrigued by a cleaner that cleans without using any harsh scrubbing tool and is made from natural ingredients.

I looked around and finally decided to try this cleaner from the lovely women at Homemade Mamas (this is a SERIOUSLY awesome site....tons of great ideas and natural cleaners which I love!).

Here's the before, during and after pictures!

(*I did these at night with a not-fancy camera, so the pictures definitely don't completely capture the difference  between the before and after pictures!*)

Before: Not awful.  I try to keep my ring clean and pretty since my favorite man in the world gave it to me, but it still could be much shinier and I'm pretty sure there's diaper cream or mushed up baby food stuck in the prongs.

diy jewelry cleaner

During: Quick and easy to make.  The first time I tried it, I'm not going to lie.  I was concerned there might be a tiny ball of metal after all of that bubbling and soap instead of my ring, but it did come out whole and undamaged.

diy jewelry cleaner
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble (a little Shakespeare shout-out for my mom)...

After: So much cleaner!  I love it!

diy jewelry cleaner


diy jewelry cleaner

I'm definitely hooked on natural cleaning solutions and I'm looking forward to trying other cleaners.  Next on my list: this homemade tutorial of cleaning a microfiber couch from Homemade Mamas.  After two kids, three pets and guests galore, I need a good cleaner for my microfiber couch!

So excited!

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