Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thrifty tip Tuesday: Cutting the costs of craft supplies

As anyone who crafts knows, DIY projects are not necessarily cheaper then buying something off the rack or from a store. Craft supplies are EXPENSIVE! Beads are an especially big offender, with a single strand of really nice beads ranging anywhere from $4.99-$16.99! Learning to make my own jewelry has been a pretty pricey hobby to pick up. 

This is why today's Thrifty Tip Tuesday is kind of a no brainer for those of us who craft: Shop the sales! And when you find a good sale, for the love of God stock up!

Keeping this in mind, when I head about the 90% off clearance event going on at Micheal's I had to check it out. My friend Nicole, who makes amazing jewelry, said she always stocks up when she finds beading supplies on sale/clearance and I decided I better do the same! The prices were 90% off of the red clearance sticker price (or sometimes more)!

I got all this for under $20! And all of these are the really nice genuine stone or glass beads. See those gorgeous dark red stone beads? Those were originally $9.99 for EACH STRAND. Yikes! After the 90% off I paid only $0.79 each. Much more affordable!

saving money on jewelry beads

This is my crazily long receipt. Some of the items got discounted twice!

saving money on jewelry beads

Some of them, like on the close up below, rang up as $1.99 on clearance and then the register took off another $1.79! I ended up paying $0.20 for a strand of beads originally priced at $7.99 each! And on the left hand receipt below you can see that one of my strands of beads rang up at a mere $0.01. Yeah, can't beat that!

saving money on jewelry beads

It pays to watch for sales and clearance events like this. Some smart planning and judicious spending can really help cut corners with your craft supply "habit." What are some of your favorite tips to reduce the out of pocket cost of crafting supplies?


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