Sunday, November 10, 2013

essential scarves

So even though winter is almost over here in Idaho (I know! Are you jealous?) we thought we'd talk about scarves for winter. Because we love scarves and most of you can still wear them for another couple of months right? We'll still be sneaking them in here and there for sure. But here are our favoit 8 essential scarves for winter!

essential scarves

essential scarves by domesticblisssquared featuring a black shawl

1. Red--it goes with everything. Seriously.
2. Chunky--to add texture to an otherwise plain outfit
3. Black--the best neutral
4. Plaid--nothing says cozy like plaid
5. Striped--a good pattern for pattern mixing
6. Leopard--We all know that Jessica is partial to leopard, right? Like here and here and here...etc.
7. Sequined--for a fancier look
8. Bright--for when you get sick of winter (like right now!)

And because you have to have visual proof, here's
us rocking our own scarves!

Hilary is partial to bright colors and the chunky gray one she made for herself, and Jessica is wearing her lacey circle scarf, last minute cowl and Banana Republic plaid. And this is only a tiny fraction of our scarves you guys!

Well that's all folks, have an awesome weekend! Let's all not take these last couple of weeks of boots and coats and scarves for granted, they'll be gone soon!

Jessica & Hilary

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