Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY cargo vest

diy cargo vest sewing refashion and tutorial

So this post has actually been sitting and waiting to be published since last fall! I thought today I'd show you a project I did before the winter hit. I think it'll still be applicable for the spring and summer this year too.

I'd been searching stores for a perfect cargo vest for a while now. I wanted one all summer last year, ever since I saw the amazing outfits Audrey from Putting Me Together showed off on her blog. But nothing seemed perfect, and this winter I knew I could make own for cheap! Because Lord, am I cheap sometimes. Anyways!

diy cargo vest sewing refashion and tutorial

So I hunted through through thrift stores for a cargo jacket, and I found one for $4. I knew I could make it into a cute and trendy cargo vest really easily, with a simple alteration.

diy cargo vest sewing refashion and tutorial

I started by cutting off the sleeves:

diy cargo vest sewing refashion and tutorial

Next I pinned the raw edges under. I didn't bother doing it twice, because I wasn't too concerned about making it look pretty, this is a lazy project:

diy cargo vest sewing refashion and tutorial

I sewed the edges down with a zig zag stitch to keep it from fraying too much, and I was done! I love how it turned out. And I like that it's black, which means it goes with about 90% of my wardrobe in the winter. By that I mean I don't wear a lot of color.

To combat my fear of color I paired this neutral black vest with my bright pink pants and brown boots for early spring. Normally I would never wear pink during the winter but I'm dying for spring so I thought I'd give it a try.

I feel like I say this all the time, but I just love easy sewing refashions like this. I love taking something not quite right and making that perfect piece that's just what I wanted. It's so empowering!

diy cargo vest sewing refashion and tutorial

I'll be wearing this vest all spring and summer for sure, so I hope you like it! And if you're looking for more great sewing projects you can check out our sewing page here!



  1. Blogging around and found your blog. So good to see you here blogging, so many deserted blogs these days. Thanks for letting me visit.


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