Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the easiest skirt ever

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted the perfect floral skirt. She had been obsessing all spring and summer long over skirts like these three from her Jessica Wears Clothes board on Pinterest:


The problem: Mid-calf length skirts look terrible on me. Pencil skirts are not the most flattering either. And we won't even get started on how much maxi skirts that don't reach the floor offend my sense of proportion. (Why dear God, WHY?!?) I do adore that "Celfie" shirt above though, I may need to DIY my own version like I did with my "in memory of" shirt.

What does look good on me? Semi-fitted A-line or fuller skirts that hit just above the knee, or higher if I'm feeling frisky. But I hate shopping for just the perfect item like that, especially since I know exactly what I'm looking for and can never find it in stores. And I mean ever, I'm really picky when I know what I want.

This is why I love sewing! I made my own, and I loved it so much that I had to share it with you all and show you how to make it yourself. This is another project nearly as simple as my Anthropologie Oblique Skirt knock off; it takes three seams and about 45 minutes and you too can have one of these:

This tutorial is so simple I can combine all four steps into a single graphic! Much easier for you all to Pin, yeah?  Here it is in all it's glory! (Please excuse my drawing skillz, I'm not used to drawing with a mouse)

I loved it so much I of course had to make two more. The blue floral skirt on the left is a super lightweight polyester, and the skirt on the right (clearly I was feeling a bit friskier as you can guess by the length) is from a giant vintage shirt.

And yes, the graphic tee on the left is a sonic screwdriver inside a caduceus (the medical symbol). You can't see it, but my shirt also says "trust me, I'm The Doctor," because who wouldn't trust a mad man in a big blue box? That's right, I'm a nerd. One who has no shame and doesn't care if certain people think my shirt is ugly (you know who you are!)


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